I’m Rebecca, the administrative force at Plausible Labs Cooperative, and a real estate reporter on the side.

I’ve handled bookkeeping, event coordination, and meeting facilitation as part of a genius team of software developers at Plausible for the past five years. I've taken care of tasks as small as purchasing computers, furniture, and supplies, to project managing the major sale of the company's intellectual property. I learned Quickbooks in order to reconcile the books and create budget projections, and Photoshop to create avatars (some are still being used on Twitter today).

Philanthropy and the arts inspired my four-year reporting project for The Wall Street Journal’s Greater New York section. The illustrious Gay Talese jokingly nicknamed me “Rupert Murdoch’s illegitimate granddaughter” for my freelance status and, I hope, my ambition. I dream of one day being on the board of a community-driven, sustainable news outlet.

In my free time, I volunteer with Therapy Dogs of Boulder County to share my canine companion with those who could use some puppy love in their day.

For more information or for help on any projects you may have, please get in touch at rebeccabratburd@gmail.com.