As a journalist, I've published 100+ stories in The Wall Street Journal. I have contributed for four years for the Greater New York section, covering more than 100 galas and other celebratory fundraising events benefiting nonprofit organizations in the realm of the arts, culture, poetry, literature, children and education, food, health, and environmental conversation. Greater New York folded in 2016 as a result of restructuring. My bylines have also appeared in Ambrosia Magazine, Gather Journal, and Mansion Global.

As a co-owner of Plausible Labs, a small software development business, I maintain a position on the Board of Directors and motivate a team of 3-8 people to attend weekly meetings where I present financial reports and exercise careful business judgment by way of voting. I collaborate with the CEO to establish budgets. I reconcile the books and handle Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. I managed the major sale of intellectual property by compiling sales reports, communicating with the buyer and tracking the flow and completion of sub-tasks. I implemented payroll, retirement accounts and medical insurance coverage. I supervised customer service and delegated support tickets accordingly. I launched a marketing plan using Twitter, LinkedIn and Google AdWords, and successfully executed corporate training events in NYC, San Jose, and Fairfax, VA.

I now live in Boulder, Colorado.